Designed by

Lázaro Rosa-Violán


Michelin collection is composed of four sofas, two sofa bed, four pouff and one bench.

Warmth and elegance are the surnames of the Collins model, which exhibits the beauty of classic tufting adapted to the 21st century.




  • The structure is made with sustainable and certified PEFC and FSC wood and is covered with high density polyurethane foam.
  • The suspension is made up of a 3.8 mm thick zig-zag springs frame.
  • The seat cushions are made of 40 kg polyurethane foam, covered in 70 kg viscoelastic and integrated into structure.
  • The back cushions are made of 35 kg polyurethane foam integrated into structure.
  • The feet are made of vaporized and varnished beech wood.
  • The long life capitoné is without buttons.



Category: Sofa

Environment: Indoor

Materials: Wood and upholstery


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